In the past, large law firms were necessary for the attorneys to share the large book libraries as a shared resource.  It was cost effective for the partners to share the library and large staff necessary to run the law firm back then.  It would take several lawyers to litigate a case.  That old law firm model is dead.

Now, I can access and use the same large law library via the internet on my IPAD!   I utilize technology to handle my practice with fewer staff that used to take large pools of typists for document assembly.  The playing field is leveled, yet the clients have not reaped the benefits of cost-effective legal services.

You will not find marble floors, walnut paneling or crystal in my office.   However, you will find comfortable and professional new offices built in 2008.   The fees you pay do not subsidize a blue blood law firm.  The fees you pay subsidize a hard working professional.

My clients find that the services are equal in quality to those of a law firm based upon my years of practice and the wisdom that I have gained.   The service is personal and my lower overhead is reflected in my client’s bottom line.  Clients should consider hiring solo attorneys in today’s market for legal services.

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