Criminal Law

We can provide the best criminal defense available to those under investigation.

Schroeder Law Office is a full service law firm and is dedicated to the vigorous defense of any person charged with a crime. Our office can handle most criminal matters, along with the civil proceedings that may accompany them.
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Scott Schroeder can represent you in the following cases:

Drugs and Narcotics

• Possession of a controlled substance
• Distribution/manufacturing drugs
• Drug trafficking
• Possession with intent to sell
• Possession of drug paraphernalia

DUI Defense

• Driving with a blood alcohol content over .08
• Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and repeat offenders
• Traffic and municipal court matters

Violent Crimes

• Homicide
• Manslaughter
• Vehicular manslaughter
• Assault and battery charges
• Firearms charges

Theft Crimes

• Shoplifting
• Petty theft
• Robbery and embezzlement